Choose Direct Or Guaranteed Program On USDA Mortgage Washington

First Time Home Buyers Grants | www.UsdaLoansDirect.comAre you in the Northwest of the United States? Then it is our cue to call you along for applying for the most affordable home purchase mortgage, USDA mortgage Washington. You can opt for several loan types depending on your personal finances.

Direct Program

The Direct program is suitable for those who meet the following stipulations:

  • You can only afford 50% of AMI.
  • You are a first-time applicant.
  • You reside in an area that passes as rural according to Rural Development (RD).

Guaranteed Program

This is one of the most affordable programs in any government offering. The Guaranteed program enables majority of applicants to access homes in the Pacific Northwest because of these facts:

  • Their income threshold is 115% of the Area Median Income.
  • They belong to the low-to-medium income group.
  • They reside in a town of less than 25000 residents, a non-metro area or a rural county.

What the Two Sub-programs Offer

The Direct or Guaranteed program provides all the benefits of USDA mortgage WA, including:

  • The ability to repay over a period of three decades at a low, fixed rate.
  • Access financing even when you are in the minimal-income grouping.
  • Zero rates of Private Mortgage Insurance.
  • Zero money down.

Which Kind of Home Can I Purchase?

You can choose from among the following options.

  • Condominium.
  • Existing or new residence.
  • Townhome that meets area, income and energy efficiency guidelines.

Important: You need to be intending to stay in the property as your primary residence throughout the entire duration of USDA mortgage WA.

How To Apply

  1. Submit request for pre-qualification.
  2. Choose loan type: Direct or Guaranteed.
  3. Go through appraisal and approval.
  4. Start financing your plan.

We ensure that your USDA mortgage Washington request does not have to last any more than is necessary. We also facilitate on your behalf so that you can lock interest at its lowest level either at the moment you get a lender or in the latter days of closing.

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