Comparative Benefits Of USDA Mortgage Maine

Buying a foreclosure | Foreclosure Financing | Foreclosure Mortgage | Foreclosure Loans for Buyers | www.USDALoansDirect.comSo, you are in New England. You are on the crossroads of VA, FHA and RD. Which way would you go? >

Simply put, Rural Development (RD) has the best offer by the name USDA mortgage Maine,  due these reasons.

For one, you may not be in the military which disqualifies you from the equally attractive Veteran Affairs (VA) loan.

Secondly, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has a similar product but which denies you the zero money down privilege.

This is all the more reason why you should get in touch with the loan specialists at USDA Loans Direct for this particular loan.

Benefits of USDA Mortgage Maine at a Glance

·         Unlike FHA, you will remit $0 down payment.
·         Credit score does not obstruct the acquisition of USDA mortgage ME. A FICO of 620 does it!
·         Unlike FHA, you do not require Private Mortgage Insurance.

What other reasons can better convince about the amicable offers of this loan! In the long run, you save tens of thousands worth of fees that accrue to other government or conventional programs!

Pass the Income Barrier

You could be thinking, “If I don’t qualify for FHA guidelines, who will expect me to pass those of RD?”

Count on us to make your application for USDA mortgage ME a do-or-die affair even without having met requirements of related loans! Here are sufficient reasons:

  • With the current AMI of all counties in this New England state at $73600, you only need an income of 115% of this amount to own a home via the Guaranteed Program.
  • Still, you may only require half that income to enjoy the benefits of the Direct Program.

Don’t Wait, Start Now!

We will hold your hand as we take you through the application stage. We will also confer the following possible allowances applicable to the early stages of USDA mortgage Maine:

  1. Coerce the seller to pay up the entire closing costs if not at least 6% of the same.
  2. Find a USDA mortgage ME lender for you who passes eligibility and is willing to offer a low interest rate on the home purchase plan.

We keep you in check during the entire application stage with resourceful realtors, home listings and competitive lender lists!

Yours is The Final Word

Do you live in the metropolis of York which is partially ineligible for this mortgage but still want to take a chance?

Just give us your wish and we will comb a non-metro area that is on the RD radar of counties that qualify for the program. Residents of Lincoln, Somerset, Oxford and Knox, however, qualify with no strings attached. What more, you have the final word on the rate, plan or borrowing amount to go for:

  • You can negotiate the interest rate.
  • You can refinance at will in the future.
  • You can opt for a mortgage sum that conforms to your current fortunes.

Hasten your application for USDA mortgage Maine by making contact with USDA Loans Direct today!

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