Enjoy The Advantages of USDA Mortgage Mississippi

Buying a Home | 12 Essential Steps to Buying a Home | www.USDALoansDirect.comMontgomery…Monroe…Lincoln…yes, and even Jackson. You do not have to be a painstaking home seeker like Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer in the ole’ good state that Samuel Clemens painted so well in his masterpieces, to settle in the above non-metro cities! This is because you are on your way to accessing USDA mortgage Mississippi without a sweat thanks to the experienced team at USDA Loans Direct.

Advantages of USDA mortgage MS

These are the foremost advantages that will make you cherish even more living in the heartland of the mightiest river in America:

  • You pay no single dime in the name of money down.
  • You remit no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).
  • Negligible premiums per installment.


To make use of the advantages that emanate from USDA mortgage MS, you need to pass through some few requirements as follows:

  • Does your income match the 115% of Area Median Income of $73600?
  • Do you have bank statements for the past two months?
  • Is your credit score between 620 and 640?

Extra Benefits For Refurbishments

If you are contemplating using USDA mortgage Mississippi as your home improvement product, consider these benefits:

  • There is a ‘fixer upper’ privilege for refurbishment.
  • Get as much as $10000 worth of rehabilitation loan from the state’s Rural Development.

Our loan specialists will counsel you on any misgiving you may have on your rehabilitation credit. One of these is the fact that the rehab credit will roll into the main USDA mortgage MS instead of being out-of-pocket!

Before All Else, Choose a Suitable Loan Type

In order to enjoy the best of both worlds, always talk to a specialist on which subprogram suits you best. We have the following two offers:

  1. Direct Loan. Perfect for applicants with income just above 50% of area median.
  2. Guaranteed Loan. Perfect for applicants with earnings slightly below the 115% of area mean.

Do you pass the test? Pre-qualify today for USDA mortgage Mississippi through the assistance of our specialists and choose a loan type that suits your circumstances.

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