First Time Home Buyer

First Time Home Buyer $0 Down Programs Available 

Lowest Fixed Rate Mortgage Options Are Offered

Fast Approval Process with Flexible Credit Requirements

Why Choose a First Time Home Buyer Loan?
First Time Home Buyers Grants |

Most of these loans do not require a large down payment which makes out of pocket expenses much lower and the loan process much simpler.  The United States government is quite eager to assist first time home buyers through various sponsored loan programs.

First Time Home Buyers Qualify for USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loans!

  • USDA Loan in OklahomaThe USDA first time home buyer loan is offered with many benefits such as no down payments at the time of closing.
  • Mortgage insurance is not a loan requirement and thus allows the borrower, who may have a less than perfect credit score, the ability to qualify for this loan type.
  • Any qualified borrower can finance an amount up to 100 percent of the property’s total value upon appraisal.  There is no limit on the amount for your maximum purchase.
  • Home repairs can be included in the first time home buyers USDA loan.  If the home you seek to purchase is in need of repair, your repair and renovation costs can be factored into the loan.  This can also be used on existing homes, foreclosures or new construction.

USDA Loans Direct Has You Covered on First Time Home Buyer Grants

  • At USDA Loans Direct, we can offer you 100 percent financing with no money down.
  • Our loan approval process is extremely fast.
  • We offer 30 year fixed rates at competitive rates.  This rate is well above other competitors.
  • In addition, our credit requirements are flexible and we work with your credit score to ensure you get the loan you deserve.
  • Our experienced staff can find you the lowest fixed mortgage rate ideal for you and you have no loan limit or acreage limit.  This allows you the opportunity to choose the home that is just right for your needs.