Home Loan Programs

Home Loan Programs

Here we identify all the available home loan programs. Some of them will not apply to you and some of them will. Our goal is to make you aware of your options.

USDA 502 Guaranteed loan

  • This program offers 100%. No down payment. Elevated income cap based on county income limits. No purchase price limit. Guaranteed by the USDA but the funds are issued by a USDA approved Lender and not the Government.

USDA 502 Direct Loan

  • This program offers 100%. No down payment. This Loan is done directly through the Government Stage Agency and not a Lender. Loan and term is based on your income. Only available to lower income applicants below the county limit. Payments are income based. Every year an annual review is performed and the payment adjust to your current income. Limited funding available for this. Guaranteed by the USDA.

FHA 203B

  • This program offers the easiest qualifications to get financing. We can go down to a 600 credit score on this program.  If your credit score is below 600 a 3.5% down payment will be required. You can get the down payment from family, savings, tax refund. Can be used for basically any type of home urban or rural.  No income cap.  Loan limit is usually around $271k.

FHA 203B Down Payment Assistance  

  • You can compare this program to the USDA 502 Guaranteed loan. With a 600 or better credit score you can take advantage of this $0 down program. The benefit here is that you can buy a home in an urban area, like a big city.  This is the one major advantage over USDA. Not all lenders off this. Inquire with your lender to see if this program is available in your city or state.

FHA 203K Loan

  • This program is designed for folks wanting to make repairs or renovations to their existing home or a home they are buying. For instance, lets say you want to buy a home but it needs a lot of work to make it suitable for your needs. For example, house needs roof, flooring, appliances, and furnace.  With this program you can get cash back for these items.  The amount you want for the renovations is added into your loan. For instance, if the home is $100k and the renovations are $20k, your loan will be for $120k.

FHA $100 Down

  • This program is designed for homes that are FHA owned foreclosures. The FHA offers a special deal where the down payment is $100. It has to be a HUD owned foreclosed property. It can be for a single family home or a mobile home.  Can only be used for primary occupancy.

FHA Mobile Home Loan

  • This program is designed for financing for any type of prefabricated home.  It can be used for double wide mobile homes, manufactured homes, and modular homes.  Here are some of the guidelines: 3.5% down payment required. Must be on a secure FHA approved foundation.  Cannot have been moved more than one time from original location. Unit has to be built after 1978. Not all lenders off this. Inquire with your lender to see if this program is available in your city or state.


  • A new FHA product that offers the best deal town. Only available to teachers, state and federal employees. You can buy a HUD owned home for 50% off the sales price! For example, if you find a HUD owned foreclosure that is listed for $100k, you can buy the home for $50k.  The only requirement is that you must live in the home for three years.

New Construction Loan

  • Ever dream of building a home? Well now its possible. You can even do it with no down payment!  Its called an All-in-1-close. You get a construction loan and permanent loan all wrapped up into one loan. The benefit here is you only have to do one loan as opposed to two loans, two closings. This program can be used for single-family homes and mobile homes as well.

VA Guaranteed Loan

  • If you served in the military for adequate time and were honorably discharged you should be eligible to buy a home with the VA. This is considered the best loan program available. Its 100% financing. No PMI. No income limit. Can purchase in urban or rural area.  We go down a 500 credit score with this program.

Farm & Ranch

  • This program is for people wanting to buy a property with large acreage. Most properties have multiple outbuildings, special tax exemptions such as agricultural or wildlife exemptions.  Farmers and Ranchers normally use the land to produce income. There is no acreage limit and you can get financing with as little as 5% down.

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