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USDA Loans Direct works with approved Lenders located in Oklahoma  and specializes in the Oklahoma mortgage loan process and offers many unique home loan programs.  Each loan officer is specialized in personalized service as well as customization of loans for each individual client.

There are several 100% financing No Money Down Programs.  Below are some of the Loan Options available. The first step is to fill out the inquiry form and one of our specialist will call you right away to see which loans you are eligible for. You can buy an existing home, have a new home built or even buy a foreclosed property.  The first step is to get pre-approved for the loan with us so you know what programs you qualify for. Next, you start looking for a home. One of our approved realtors can help you find a home or you can search online. Once you find the home we process and close the loan. Your total move-in expenses are usually around $1,000.  All the loan programs have the lowest fixed rates so your payment will be very affordable and the rate will never change.  It only takes about two days to get you pre-approved. It takes about forty-five days to close and move into the home. If you have additional questions please call 888-979-USDA (8732)

An Oklahoma mortgage loan with a fixed rate keeps an interest rate that does not change throughout the term of the loan.  The payment and rate stays the same regardless of any outside factor.

A non-conforming Oklahoma mortgage loan is more expensive than any conforming mortgage.  Conforming loans benefit from liquidity type activities such as Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.  You can take advantage of a lower interest rate with a conforming mortgage loan.

To cash out your home equity with your first Oklahoma mortgage loan can be performed through a second mortgage process.  Second mortgages are at a fixed rate and adjustable rate home equity lines of credit.  Both of these are secured by your equity or home value.  Lenders typically apply a certain percentage in accordance to the home equity value system when determining the maximum loan approval amount.

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It’s a tough choice to know whether you should refinance or get a second mortgage loan.  There are wide arrays of mortgages available and it’s difficult in knowing which direction you should proceed in.  USDA Loans Direct has lenders who are always available in making any recommendations for which particular loan fits ones household budget.

In obtaining a mortgage loan in Oklahoma, it is always wise to seek pre-approval when planning to purchase a home.  This allows the homebuyer the attribute of confidence in looking for a property at or near the approved price.  This process also educates the buyer on affordability of a mortgage payment as well as obligations of being a homeowner.

When choosing a mortgage in Oklahoma, it is important to choose the correct type of mortgage that matches your lifestyle.  As with any mortgage, there are specific obligations and guidelines.  Each is unique to the financial product.  Loan officers at USDA Loans Direct are available to offer expertise service.

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