Qualification and Benefits Of USDA Mortgage Texas

Buying a foreclosure | Foreclosure Financing | Foreclosure Mortgage | Foreclosure Loans for Buyers | www.USDALoansDirect.com USDA mortgage Texas is the most preferred funding scheme for low-to-moderate income families in the cowboys’ hinterland, non-metro areas and relatively small towns of less than 25 thousand residents.


There are no strenuous eligibility guidelines on USDA mortgage TX. All you need is to pre-qualify with these requirements:

  • How perfect is your 29/41 credit/income proportion? With our help, you may even qualify for a bigger plan if you reside in a county whose per capita is high. Majority of applicants, however, need only ensure that their total housing costs are below 29% of their income while their total debts are below 41% of their income.
  • In order to qualify for USDA mortgage Texas, your income should be 115% of the $73600 minimum for the state. You may also access funds through the Direct Program if you have 50-80% of your area’s median earnings.

Benefits of USDA mortgage TX

  • Zero-dollar down payment.
  • Zero Private Mortgage Insurance.
  • 100 percent Loan-to-Value financing. This rises slightly to 102% once you factor in the minimal Guarantee Fee for USDA mortgage TX.


Applying via USDA Loans Direct guarantees you the following comparative rate allowances:

  • Minimal monthly premium rates. You just remit 0.3 percent on USDA mortgage TX in comparison with the Federal Housing Administration’s option that comes at 1.15 percent.
  • Competitive but fixed interest, the best in the market.

You Can Apply For USDA mortgage Texas From Anywhere

  • From Dallas to Austin non-metro, west to east, we have a reputable presence.
  • Simply apply online and leave the paperwork to us.
  • Lock interest at your pace, either right away or within 45 days of closing.

We are available throughout the business week, which means you do not have to suffer any delays. Call us today!

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