The Terms of USDA Mortgage Indiana

First Time Home Buyers Mortgage | Mortgage for First Time Home Buyers | www.USDALoansDirect.comIndianapolis…the nostalgia kicks in as chances of owning an affordable home in the great city of the Hoosier State ebb by the minute. Well, take heart. You may easily get a home just outside the metropolis in its non-metro area, courtesy of USDA mortgage Indiana. What is more, you have a perfect partner in USDA Loans Direct! We will guide you through and ensure you pass the following conditions:

Credit Score

Are you knee-deep in debts? Chances are that you may still qualify for USDA mortgage IN, because bad credit is not such a bother here. Here are the reasons:

  • Even with as little a FICO mean as 620, you can still get the mortgage.
  • If you have had foreclosure and passed off the debt crisis, you can still apply.
  • In fact, bad credit as a result of previous foreclosure does not deter you from owning an affordable home.

Contact our specialists today to prepare your credit score in time for applying for your first ever USDA mortgage IN!


“Times they are changing,” reflects an aspiring homeowner in American slang, thinking how things could be better were it not for the current high unemployment rates. Well, don’t mind the signs of the times. Even in the middle of the housing bubble of 2008, USDA mortgage Indiana still retained similar income stipulations as follows:

  • Your debt-to-income proportion should be within the 29/41 percentage. This means that the total cost of the home should not exceed 29% of your earnings. No more than 41% of your income should form your total debt, including mortgage and other domestic expenses.
  • You may still qualify for the loan even without some savings in the bank.

Count on USDA Loans Direct to lead you into the oasis that is USDA mortgage Indiana irrespective of your income.

Type of Mortgage

  1. The Direct Loan Program is perfect for borrowers who can only meet 50% of their area income mean.
  2. The Guaranteed program caters for those who do not have sufficient funds but can still afford to fall into the low-to-medium income bracket.

If you have an income threshold of 115 percent above that of your area’s per capita, consider yourself fit for the Guaranteed Program.

Other Terms

So you are an enterprising but homely resident of non-metro Fort Worth but cannot dream of owning a home because of stringent conditions? There is nothing that can prevent you from owning one via USDA mortgage IN, thanks to these simple terms:

  • You pay only a Guarantee Fee of 2% and the government releases you from paying any Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).
  • You settle for a fixed rate and you do not have to bother about future rate fluctuations.
  • When you purchase a fixer-upper residence, you get repair funds which you can inject into the rest of the mortgage.

Benefits of USDA mortgage Indiana

  • Zero down payment.
  • Low interest rates.
  • Comparatively minimal premiums.

This explains why this is the best moment to make that important call to USDA Loans Direct! It’s the best time ever, to apply.