Finding a Lot

Finding a Lot
Before the building comes the lot. Before the lot comes the land. Still, the lot appears to be more important stylistically than the other factors. Though a building is the physical structure that says, indeed here is a home (oh boy!), it does not qualify as the inherent spirit that binds. Land, on the other hand, though the most important because acreage matters to that prime piece of property on it, is but a matter of size. With the lot, however, things are different. Multiple possibilities creep in. Landscaping ideas flower in the mind, reinforcing the house also becomes a possibility, besides notions of placing a certain kind of fence to ward off the plot from nosing neighbors. Such community epithets as privacy, interior aura, an atmosphere, surrounding, compound and the like are all the flip sides of the term lot.
It is no wonder then that the term is over-romanticized. Just when one is thinking clearer about planning the plot, there rushes the wishful imagination of how to turn the place into a castle. To avoid such pitfalls, here are snippets of tips to help make the lot a masterpiece for the living.

Situated at?
Where is your zip code? To which city can I mail you? Where is your house located? You will come across such ‘exciting’ questions which point in unison to the placement of your residential premises.  It takes time, travel, enquiry and a little stretch of the imagination to come up with the perfect place. To spend a whole day at the civil center of the new home community to see the engineer of construction gives one time to learn, firsthand, about the legal and security status of the place. There is even a chance to espy how many planes will construe an aerial path, overhead, in the course of the day. If less than two planes do it, then no need to worry about noise pollution from the skies. There is so much to know and it’s crucial that you take time to internalize the key revelations.

Wriggle out the Debris of the Neighborhood
Legal and social sides are equally worth surveying. It could be that the place has but a single cell, at the only police department. This augers well with security concerns for it means that its record is, on the main, criminal-free. The place incidentally could be on the ocean front but it does not have a beach management nor marine authorities, or even nautical controls. What you are after is some good indications of sustainable safety for your family and yourself.

Look at the Civil Side of things, as well
One inescapable fact about property ownership is that it is never free of taxes. Be it a mortgage or a direct purchase, it will still attract land or property levy. This might alter your preferred positioning, for as experts will inform, those places that are near metropolitan areas cost more than the ones away from urban areas. Once the choice is complete on where to settle , it is time to engage a real estate expert to provide documentation that will give the prospective owner authoritative claim to the land and property. There are copies of documents to file, just as there are receipts of tax returns to keep at this early stage. Bookkeeping, in fact comes rather early in mortgage and purchasing issues.

How about the Landlord?
New home communities usually present their ascetic rules and regulations to the inhabitants. It might be a personal home but still, one is liable to abide by the rules in place. It might be that the supervisor does not like to see stray dogs lingering listlessly in the neighborhood. It might also be that vehicles cannot enter the gate at a certain hour of the night. Landscaping, too, must only be of a certain kind and fencing should be limited to anything but barbed wire. Of course some of these rules are a little bit idiosyncratic and one can always negotiate them, if they really want to claim the new home community. There is also a time, alternatively, when raising the white flag may feel too much a sign of submission that one turns the tables on the landlord and walks away in search of other free lots.
In short, laying claim to a parcel of land and its entire content means that one has found the true meaning of the term lot. It is not just the space but the aura, surrounding, privacy and general relationship with inhabitants and neighbors that makes the place what it is. It is not also about personal space or cocooning oneself against the world, for a new community means filing taxes and getting approval from the local authorities before constructing. When all is said and done, it is lively and worth the trouble for permanent living.