New Homes vs. Resale Homes

New Homes vs Resale Homes

Agency recommendation has become almost an industry in itself, brokering prospective homeowners caught between new and resale homes. Though the urban population is strongly building condos as the most versatile flats to stay for business and convenience reasons, others are opting to purchase 18th century portico homes outside the bustle of cities.
The choice between new vs. resale homes is largely a personal preference. But there are certain common concerns that face most home buyers. One of our real estate agents will help you address these concerns at a personal level.

Resale Homes
Poets, dreamers and novelists have sang and praised the charm of colonial mansions. Most people associate resale homes with such imagery though some are but a decade old or less! While the charm of romanticizing these old-time houses has strong influence over selection, still, here is an agent’s advice on what to evaluate before making a purchase of such magnificent, folklore property.

1.  Overhaul and revamping. An agent can evaluate using plumbing, interior design and general architectural insight to tell whether there are round holes with square pegs in the house under sale. If a house needs but little overhaul, well and good. If otherwise, it is safe to leave it.
2.  Interior plan. A tour through an eighteenth century gem of a house  would reveal a study room, wine cellar, drawing room, theater salon and other partitions that are not particularly tasteful to the modern homeowner. This is another climactic feature to check before purchasing.
3.  Space. Today’s homes need a lot of space and fewer partitions because families possess more effects including vehicles that need parking annexes. These are points that a real estate connoisseur can advice on.

New Homes

It takes a lot of incentive, capital and drive to build a new home. Though loan schemes that come with low interest may help purchase the property, sometimes there are factors that may require further consideration. These include:
1.  Equity. Unlike resale homes, new real estate is just but a beginning. It lacks equity. One purchases it for its cost price and waits for it to grow in value in years.

2.  Not always charming. It takes a professional connoisseur in the sector to help make a new building look grand like an existing one with its moss, landscape and live fence always does.

Drawing the Line between new and Resale Homes

For warranties, you can come to our agents to get formal logistics about the sustainability of an existing home. New homes, however, almost more often than not come with contractors’ warranties.