USDA Loans Dallas: Examining the Maximum Amount of Funds You Can Receive

USDA Loans Dallas

Texas Loan Direct | Texas Mortgage Direct | helps you to secure the best method of getting ahead with your homeownership dream at a repayment pace convenient to you of 30 years. Whether you live in Addison, Cockrell Hill or Fairview suburbia, we can help you qualify for USDA loans Dallas. The program is available in non-metro areas of this city.

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Your Income Ratio Determines the Total You Can Get

The income ratio against that of the credit determines the relative amount that you can get through this program.

  • The 29/41 ratio stipulates that your housing (mortgage) expenses should not go beyond 29 percent of your gross income. On the other hand, only 41 percent of your income should be represented in a combination of housing and other debts that you currently have.
  • Dallas USDA loans also lets you opt for a higher amount if your income is 115% of the Area

Median Income. The latter is the amount that the average non-metro resident earns per year in this county.

How Rates Change When You Refinance

One way of reducing the rates you currently pay on USDA loans Dallas is to go for a refinance. With it, you can reduce two major rates that include:

  • The Guarantee Fee. This charge comes down from 2 percent to 0.5 percent in a refinance.
  • Interest rate. This applies to applicants that have currently run the 25-year variable-rate scheme.

You can bring down any high existing rate to a manageable minimum margin.

Which Pre-Qualifications Do I Need?

The main qualifications for Dallas USDA loans include:

  • The residence should be in an area that the Rural Development (RD) classifies as rural. This includes non-metro areas of your city.
  • If you are going for the Guaranteed Program, then your income should be 115% of the AMI.

Those, on the other hand, opting for the Direct Program need only have 50-80% of AMI to pass the test.

Application Criteria

If you meet those requirements, you can begin your application for Dallas USDA loans in these few steps:

  1. Pass our pre-qualification stage.
  2. Find a lender and an appraiser offering a low interest rate.
  3. Select an amortization period either of 30 years at a permanent interest rate or 15 years at an adjustable rate.
  4. Pay your closing Fees and start enjoying living in a new home.
  5. We help applicants have their sellers settle at least 6 percent of the closing fees. You can also select a financing amount that suits your income levels for USDA loans Dallas.

Get started by applying

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