USDA Loans San Antonio: Answers to Frequent Questions

USDA Loans San Antonio

mortgage oklahoma | oklahoma mortgage | www.USDAloansDirect.comSo you come from Alamo Heights or Stone Oak or in fact any other suburb of this southern city in Texas? Then you may no longer remain a tenant, because USDA loans San Antonio gives you the chance to own a great home in as little as from 15 to 30 years. You only need to look for property in a non-metro area and then come to to apply.

Can I apply if I have ever secured a mortgage before?

Indeed, second-time homeowners can apply if:

  • They have settled any existing balance.
  • They need to refinance an adjustable rate mortgage also from the Rural Development (RD) that they currently have.

What do I gain from my plan being 100 percent LTV?

When your loan-to-value is 100 percent, it means that you will not need to pay any down payment. In fact, there are several particulars to indicate that this is so in San Antonio USDA loans:

The mortgage does not have a down payment.

It also comes with no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).

The above two examples show that you can get started any time even when you have very low income levels.

What is the difference between Direct and Guaranteed programs? offers two types of financing schemes on USDA loans San Antonio that depend on income levels:

  • The Direct program is suitable for applicants whose income is low at 50 to 80 percent of Area Median Income (AMI). This refers to the average yearly earnings for the entire county in question.
  • The Guaranteed Program is a scheme that allows you to get home purchase funds when your earnings are about 115 percent of the AMI. This puts you at the moderate-income level.

What criteria determine that my home of choice qualifies?

Usually, USDA loans San Antonio requires that the residence meets these few stipulations:

  • If it is a planned development, it passes the approval of the Rural Development.
  • If it is already an existing home of more than 5 years, it should be firm and in good condition.
  • Furthermore, the home should not turn into a business quarters for its purpose is for living.


  • Send us your request and pass our pre-qualifications.
  • Place a lender and pass a home-appraisal stage.
  • Select a suitable amortization period that includes a 30-year or 15-year scheme at a permanent rate.
  • Start living in your new home after settling the closing costs.

Indeed, USDA loans San Antonio is your ticket to your dream residence in this southern part of the Lone Star State.

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