USDA Loans Tulsa: Meeting the Income and Credit Guidelines

USDA Loans Tulsa

oklahoma-pageIf you come from the second city in Oklahoma or an eligible neighborhood like Greenwood, then you ought to apply for USDA loans Tulsa. This is because you do not require passing stringent requirements of a commercial mortgage. For instance, there is no money down or Private Mortgage Insurance in this plan. Furthermore, it comes with government guarantee against default, specifically that of the United States Department of Agriculture, which is why it is available at such manageable terms.

We at will not only help you land these Tulsa USDA loans, but will help you pre-qualify. There is usually one major stipulation that you should meet concerning income and credit ratio, next:

Income and Credit Ratio

This is a ratio that determines whether you will be able to repay your mortgage. It comes under the numerical representation of 29/41 which means these two guidelines:

  • The ‘29’ is the margin of the housing expenses or the amount you will pay for USDA mortgage Tulsa. It should not exceed 29 percent of your income.
  • The ‘41’ in this ratio represents the total debts, including housing costs and other domestic expenses. They should not go above 41 percent of the income.

If you have an extra amount in your pocket, you can, in fact, surpass the above ratios under specific circumstances.

Who Qualifies

Tulsa USDA loans are available to all applicants who meet these simple guidelines:

  • Your income is 115 percent of the area median income. The latter refers to the yearly average earnings for the collective county under this spotlight. It currently stands at $73600 for a single-family unit.
  • You may also opt for the Direct Program which comes at an income requirement level of 50 to 80 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI).

100 percent LTV

The Loan-to-Value index for Tulsa USDA loans is 100 percent. The LTV indicates the exact amount you can receive. In typical mortgages, the loan comes minus 20% which goes to the down payment. The advantages of this scheme are therefore manifest in these two items:

  • You do not pay any down payment and thus can save this upfront for meeting other financial obligations or invest.
  • You only pay a single upfront, that of the Guarantee Fee. It is usually only 2% and you can roll it into the rest of the balance rather than pay for it out-of-pocket!

How to Apply

The application process for Tulsa USDA loans is just as simple as following these guidelines:

  1. Pass a pre-qualification test at
  2. Find a lender and undertake the home appraisal process.
  3. Select an amortization period which normally lasts for 30 years at a permanent rate or 15 years at an adjustable interest rate.
  4. Start enjoying homeownership in a non-metro area of this city.

Indeed, USDA loans Tulsa is your ticket to stress-free homeownership at minimal requirements. Your credit score is not a bother for you can qualify with a score of 620.

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