USDA Mortgage Alaska: Three Different Essential Benefits

First Time Home Buyers Grants | www.UsdaLoansDirect.comAnchorage may be on the farthest Northwest Pacific of the USA but its semi urban area still qualifies as a popular spot for settling down through USDA Mortgage Alaska.

What makes the loan so appealing to rural and peri-urban residents? Firstly, there is the 100% financing benefit, low rates and subprograms within. Add on to it the fast, efficient and easy application process, not mentioning the friendly assistance from USDA Loans Direct!

You stand to enjoy the following benefits during the repayment period:

100% Financing

The first major benefit you will gain from USDA mortgage AK is the fact that you pay no extra dime worth of money down. Technically, you will pay 102 percent of the principal, because rather than making it upfront, the Guarantee Fee of 2 percent rolls into the main credit.

Low Rates

USDA Loans Direct recommends this product of the Rural Development (RD) because it has no peer in the conventional market as far as rates go. Here are particular rate mentions concerning USDA mortgage Alaska:

  • The fixed interest rates are comparatively low compared to those of conventional programs.
  • Refinancing helps applicants to reduce the rate by as high as 1 percent of the existing plan’s market’s rates.

Pilot Program

RD and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are also offering a new benefit that came to be as late as 2012 in a number of states including Alaska, by the name of Rural Loan Pilot scheme. This scheme makes the following benefits accessible on your USDA mortgage AK:

  • Re-appraisal when switching from a previous scheme is null and void.
  • You do not require funds in a bank account to qualify.
  • If you opt to refinance, you get a better margin than a traditional refinance of USDA mortgage Alaska. The rate will be 1 percent less than the prevailing market rate.
  • No upfront requirement.

The amazing fact about Alaska is that it enjoys low population density which makes it all the more attractive for a rural-bound settler. Whether the apple of your eye is Aleutians East, Ketchikan or Yukon-Koyukuk County, you will find ready help for your USDA mortgage Alaska bid right at USDA Loans Direct.
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