USDA Mortgage Florida: A Treasure-trove of Benefits

First Time Home Buyers Grants | www.UsdaLoansDirect.comYou may be walking down the streets of one of the big cities in the Sunshine State, wondering if you qualify for USDA mortgage Florida. Indeed some major semi-urban areas, including Miami-Dado also qualify for the mortgage plan, because they are technically rural. The catalyst that will see your application sail through in a timely fashion is your ever friendly loan partner

Here are the benefits of USDA mortgage FL

  • You pay no dime worth of down payment.
  • Close to no mortgage premiums due to its guaranty status.
  • You can still apply for the mortgage even when your income is really low.
  • You can refinance the loan via a Pilot Program to a rate below the normal by 1 percent.

To get all these benefits, simply apply now. Our experts are ready to put pen to paper on your behalf as we have direct contact with Rural Development.

Know Your income Limits

The Sunshine State enjoys a range of high cost areas that enable even higher-than-moderate earners to benefit from this product that is meant for the low and moderate income groups. Here are the income statistics:

  • Though the median single family limit is $73600 for most counties, some non-metro areas like Collier attract an $81450 base.
  • USDA mortgage FL attaches $97150 as the amount for an eight-member family unit.
  • USDA Loans Direct will assist you in your income verification; you do not need to worry at all.

Apart from the above income and loan application benefits, there are also seller-and lender-influenced benefits that you can gain once you apply through These include:

  • The monthly mortgage premiums that the lender imposes are relatively minimal compared to the conventional programs.

  • USDA mortgage Florida bequeaths the applicant the ability to take advantage of seller concessions such as having the seller settle 6 percent of closing costs.

If you can manage to save some of the above costs through negotiations, then you are likely to save tens of thousands each month down the amortization period.

Extra Benefits from Other Programs

USDA mortgage FL comes with some subprograms that make it possible for applicants to refinance their fixed mortgage into a lower rate. The Rural Loan Pilot Program helps you to attain any of the following advantages:

  • Refinance to a rate of 1 percent below current market rates.
  • Buy an expensive home (but within the USDA mortgage Florida debt-to-income ratio threshold without reappraisal.

If any of the above benefits strike your soft spot, then you should make that important first step by applying through USDA Loans Direct today. We will ensure that the process of applying for USDA mortgage Florida is easy and fast.

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