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Home Buying | Understanding the Different Options of Home Buying | www.USDALoansDirect.comYou are in the Treasure State but cannot pass any eligibility test for a mortgage? You have walked, driven, or flown the miles to Billings and back with all financing plans falling through thin air? All is not lost!

USDA mortgage Montana will deliver an affordable residence right to your rural doorstep with no stringent commercial conditions. What is more, you will not be subjected to the following common expectations of a conventional mortgage:

  • Down payment.
  • Private Mortgage Insurance.
  • Partial monthly premiums.

What Is Your Debt-to-Income Ratio?

In order to reduce the foolhardiness of applying for USDA mortgage Montana arbitrarily, we use the debt-to-income gauge to determine the following loan features that suit you best:

  • The most affordable house for you.
  • The best type of mortgage for you:
    • The Guaranteed plan is most appropriate for those whose income thresholds are within Rural Development’s low-to-medium stratum.
    • The Direct program of USDA mortgage MT is best for those who have managed to pass the 50-80% threshold of the Area Median Income (AMI).

Your debt-to-income ratio needs to meet the 29/41 requirement. This means that your housing expenses are no more than 29 percent of earnings, while the combination of housing and other debts do not surpass 41 percent of your income.

The Benefits Of Applying For A Mortgage You Can Afford

One of the advantages of going for USDA mortgage MT is that it makes repayment just a walk in the park. Consider the following instances:

  • You have a period of 30 years to repay.
  • You only repay at the lowest rates in the market.
  • You pay for no property that is above your means. The Direct program of USDA mortgage Montana is the best illustration of this fact for low income applicants.

Pay Only 100 percent Loan To Value

Once you apply for a mortgage through USDA Loans Direct, you will discover that your income will be in no danger of crumbling thanks to the following reasons:

  • You finance 100 percent loan-to-value.
  • Instead of paying 20 percent, you remit 0% down payment.
  • In reality, once you roll in the Guarantee Fee of 2 percent into the loan, the entire LTV becomes 102%.

Type of Property Within Your Range

‘I have passed the other tests, but I don’t know which house to choose.’ This is a monologue that is always at the back of the minds of many first-time buyers going for USDA mortgage MT.  If your debt-to-income ratio is feasible enough, you may even go for a higher value property among the following choices:

  • Condo.
  • Approved townhome.
  • Construction development.
  • Existing modular home.

What better moment to apply for USDA mortgage Montana! With USDA Loans Direct as your friendly partner throughout the application process, there is nothing to stop the search for greener pastures in the backyards of a mineral-rich state. You wish you lived through the times of gold prospectors in Montana, don’t you!

There would be no better gesture from your side than getting started. Please call 1-888-202-4479
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