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What is a USDA Rural Development Loan?

A USDA Rural Development Loan is a loan which is designed for rural development areas and is fully granted through the US government.  This loan is ideal for any person(s) who would like to live in a rural setting.  Many low income families have achieved the dream of owning their very own home because of the availability of the USDA home loan program.

What are the Positive Attributes of the USDA Loan?

  • USDA Loan in OklahomaBorrowers seeking a USDA loan receive up to 100 percent of the entire financing price costs which is issued through the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Housing Service.
  • Closing costs are also financed into the loan itself or covered by the seller.  Gift funds may also be applied.
  • The loan process is quite simple and the approval is processed quickly.
  • Perfect credit is not a factor in the loan process.  Borrowers with less than perfect credit find this loan to be one that is tailored to the individual’s financial needs.
  • Loan guidelines are not strict and offer no particular loan limit.

If you need assistance with a USDA Rural Development Loan, USDA Loans Direct can help you obtain a deferred interest free USDA loan.  By borrowing up to 100 percent of the prospective home’s value, you can eliminate having to pay any down payment at all.  Many Americans now have the guarantee of owning their own home because of this loan.  This is a dream come true for many.  There are plenty of rural homes that are located right in the heart of a subdivision or close to shopping for those who do not wish to be so rural.  Now is the time to take advantage of a low 30-year fixed rate mortgage.